Offering Best-in-Class, Reasonably-Priced, Value-Added Email Services to Better Protect and Manage our Customers' Data, Domains and Emails

Why is DMARC Important To Me?

Companies are starting to implement policies that ask receivers to send messages that fail authentication to the Spam or Junk folder. This is a trend that's going to continue, so if you don't want your email to be sent to the spam folders, implementing this service will help. (See the recent list of companies and see How You Can Tell Who is Using DMARC? or click this button below for a quick test.)

Why Host with Click IT?

Click IT's Enterprise Umbrella:

At Click IT, providing "best-in-class", reasonably-priced, value-added services to better protect and manage our customers' data, domains and emails is our mission. We work hard to deliver enterprise-level technical services at small-town prices. We do this by allowing our customers to fall under our enterprise umbrella. Typically, MSPs working with larger companies than typical who Click IT customers are, provide a level-of-service regarding data security, domain protection and email deliver-ability that would not be affordable to small businesses. This is primarily because a configuration centralizes around a particularly large company's domain. It typically cost in the thousands of dollars to set up and maintain. To keep costs low, yet with benefits that are comparable, Click IT has devised a schema which takes the most important elements needed and wraps them up under our Click IT domain and umbrella, to offer the best-practices available. In the case of email, we can offer to best protect a customer's domain and authenticate their email, assuring deliver-ability, through the use of best-in-class email services as discussed here at and, both specialty divisions of The Click IT Group.

We offer an array of email and protection services that go along with our email account management. The best pricing and a complete solution to data security are available when you purchase a Click IT Secure solution, which is a complete solution designed for small businesses and individuals, especially high net-worth individuals who are concerned about their data access security.

Email Assurance is focused particularly on the email and domain protection components in data security. Watch the videos below to learn about each component, which are all part of what we refer to as "Pillars" in a Click IT Secure solution.

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